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Social Studies
President Research
States game website
State Research
Abcarcade Geography
Illinois State Research
Region Research
Northeast Region
Southeast Region
Southwest Region
MidWest Region
West Region
Regions Research
Pilgrim KWL Chart
Pilgrims Day 1- Answer these questions in your Social Studies notebook
Pilgrim Day 2- Close Activity
Day 3
Day 4
Pilgrims-Day 6
Day 6- The Indians
Pilgrims Day 7
Pilgrim's Virtual Tour
Who Were the Pilgrims? Read the attached article and take notes in your Social Studies notebook.
Pilgrim Log Activity
Venn Diagram
Mayflower Compact
Be a Historian: explore the Pilgrim time using this website
Cause and Effect: Why did the Pilgrims come to the new world?
Venn Diagram
Research Resources
Useful 13 Colonies Websites
13 Colonies Map
13 Colonies Quiz
Pilgrim KWL
Continents and Oceans Resource page
Map Vocabulary
Pilgrims-Day 2 Use your Social Studies notebook to answer these questions
Day 4 questions
Day 5-Pilgrim questions
Day 6-Questions
Pilgrims-Day 8
Read the attached article and answer the questions in your Social Studies notebook
Useful 13 Colonies Websites
13 Colonies Quiz Website
General President Links
Abraham Lincoln Links
George Washington Links